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Monday, June 04, 2012

RP ~ Corpus Christi (B)

See below about a suggestion a friend of mine made.

Responsorial Psalm ~ Corpus Christi (Year B)

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Psalm 115

The Cup of salvation I will raise;
I will call on the Lord's name.

How can I repay the Lord
for his goodness to me?
The cup of salvation I will raise;
I will call on the Lord's name.

O precious in the eyes of the Lord
is the death of his faithful.
Your servant, Lord, your servant am I;
you have loosened my bonds.

A thanksgiving sacrifice I make:
I will call on the Lord's name.
My vows to the Lord I will fulfil
before all his people.

A Friend's Suggestion:

A suggestion from a friend who thinks that the first word 'The' of the refrain is important.

I am OK with this suggestion... but I'll leave it to whoever is singing to decide if he (or she) would like to sing it this way.

In fact, I do like his suggestion but won't be making any changes to the score yet as I'm looking at other arrangements and I'm also trying to curb my "perfectionist streak" which causes me to "do and redo" a piece of arrangement. Also, I may make other changes... hmm... ok... let's not go there.

He only suggested the change in the refrain, but I've decided to give that same option to the verses.

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