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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Online Media Converter (Video & Audio)

This is a useful Online Software.

It is very good as it helped me accomplished my objective. 

I had a video that I had to rotate. I googled and found out that the Windows Movie Maker (WMM) can do it and I am familiar with it. However, WMM does not load MOV files so I had to convert it to either WMV or AVI files. I googled and found this link. 

Using this Online converter, I tried converting this MOV file to WMV but I had codec problems which I didn't understand so I had to find another way. 

I converted it to AVI and it even managed to rotate the Video 90 degrees. However, I still needed to use WMM to boost the audio which was too low.

This link is for Video, but the main link showed that it does other conversion as well... like audio.

MID to MP3
I didn't like the quality coz the drum beats sounded like it was lagging but will have to try again because every file may have different results. The sound quality here was better than another website I tried recently but only the back ground percussion bothered me and I preferred the other converter even though the quality was poorer because the beat wasn't lag-gie and the beat was important for the purpose of teaching Choir parts.

Useful Online Converter

Main Link

Video Converter


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