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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Double Recording Idea ~ It's Becoming A Reality

You'll soon have to put away your iPHONEs and Smart Phones because my 'Double Recording' idea is becoming a reality. It has been many years now that I've been thinking of what I call, 'Double Recording'. I got this idea while working in the Air Force, and one of the equipment I had the opportunity to chance upon was the Talk-Down Recorder. The Talk-Down Recorder had 2 Tapes recording the dialog between the Pilot and the Air-Traffic Controller. The purpose of this Talk-Down Recorder was for the purpose investigation should there ever be a mis-communication. Why were there 2 Tapes? Well, if one was stopped, the other would still be recording and there will be no loss of crucial evidence should it ever arise. Changing of tapes was necessary also because each tape had only a limited amount of recording time. This was where I came up with the term and idea for 'Double Recording' to be used in our daily lives. Should there ever be a need to investigate what really happened, in as simple as a quarrel between 2 loving couples to as complicated as evidence needed in the court of law, this double recording will be extreme useful. My Double Recording idea... hmm... it is fast becoming a reality; read this article dated Monday 2012 Apr 23, Page 6 in this TODAY Newspaper.

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~ Monday 2012 Apr 23, Page 6, TODAY Newspaper

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