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Monday, June 25, 2012

Android Phone ~ Music Notation, Pitch Pipe & Metronome

Yesterday, Audrey mentioned about a Phone App that can play the beat. 
This App that I've downloaded may be what she's talking about in the Metronome section.

This app is also useful if you want to just type out the rhythm to hear what it sounds like by using the Notation Editor which is for composing songs.

They have...
1 ~ Notation Editor ~ to compose music
2 ~ Pitch Pipe ~ to intone
3 ~ Metronome ~ to keep in time ~ either way, you can set the BPM or just tap and they will tell you what the BPM is/are.


Description ~ Have you ever wanted to compose music on Android? Now you can! Maestro is primarily a music notation editor, but includes a pitch pipe and metronome as well. With the notation editor, you can drag and drop notes directly onto the staff and then have the app play your composition back to you. You can also change the key signature, time signature, and clef, and choose the instrument you want to hear played. It's fast, fun, and easy to use. Maestro is currently in beta testing, and we would appreciate your feedback.


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