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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saving GAIA ~ Books Swapaholics Day

I thought this was an interesting idea.

• You get to swap books you've read.
• You get to free up space at your home.
• And this is so Environmentally Friendly.


Q1) Besides books, can I bring other items like CDs / gadgets for exchange?
A1) This Swap Day is only applicable for books.  

Q2) Are other language books (besides English) allowed?
A2) Sure!

Q3) Why would I want to have second hand books?
A3) This is an opportunity for you to contribute books which you've read and no longer wish to keep. It will help free up space in your bookshelf. You can always use the vouchers to exchange books for your siblings, children, parents, friends.

Q4) Will there be old and torn books?
A4) We encourage staff to contribute books that are still in good condition. Books that are badly scribbled or torn will not be accepted. All books will be checked at the drop-off point. 

Q5) Can I bring a new book (with price tag still on) and exchange for two vouchers since it's new?
A5) Each book is given one voucher only. 

Q6) Can I have my books back if they are not being exchanged at the end of the event? 
A6) All remaining books that are not exchanged at the end of the event will be donated to the National Library Board / Charities.


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