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Monday, April 16, 2012

Piano ~ 60 pieces under a second for solo piano ~ by Moritz Eggert

Hi Piano Players,

I chanced upon this while surfing the internet. 
I cannot read or play any these piano music scores. 
I was just enjoying looking at them while listening to the music... 
but this one was exceptionally entertaining. 
I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Piano Score:

YouTube Video:
60 pieces under a second for solo piano ~ by Moritz Eggert
CV 03-27-2011 15-Minutes-of-Ding-Eggert.m4v

Haemmerklavier XI: 
What if 1 composer from 1 country wrote 60 pieces under a second for solo piano? 
by Moritz Eggert 

Moritz Eggert has covered all genres in his work - his oeuvre includes 9 operas as well as ballets and works for dance and music theatre, often with unusual performance elements. He works as a performer (pianist, actor and singer) and conductor. His New Music Blog "Bad Blog Of Musick" is the most-visited German New Music Blog and has incited many controversial discussions about the state of Contemporary Music today. He also writes regularly for various print publications, is an avid boardgaming-podcaster and will be professor for composition at the University of Munich from winter semester 2010 on. His music is published by Sikorski, Hamburg. He lives with his wife and son in Munich. Because of the way that the perception of time has sped up continuously in the last years it only makes sense to think one step further than the 1 minute concept. 1 second pieces should be the way to go in the 21st century.

Piano Score: 

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