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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Promise of LOVE

Poem Text & Lyrics by: Elizabeth
Music by: Alphonsus
Wedding Date: 01Jan1987

The Lord has been kind to us all
We were saved by His death on the cross
He has showered upon us blessings from above
Of all the gifts which He has bestowed 
The greatest of all... is that of His LOVE.

The LOVE we now share is so strong and so deep
Just as the Father has meant it to be, 
Now that we... are one
Let our light shine forth for others to see
That by our example, His LOVE, they will know
This joy and peace that Christ gives His Church

We pledge our love to each other
We promise to be true in all we do
To love and to honor till death do us part
For this was the promise of love
We made to each other... In the presence of God


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