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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whoa Sailor ~ Hank Thomson ~ Lyrics & Chords ~ YouTube Video


Whoa Sailor ~ Hank Thomson ~ Lyrics & Chords

[A] I'll tell you 'bout 
my [E7] night on shore, 
if [A] you will lend an [E7] ear
I [B7]stepped into a cabaret 
to get myself a [E7] beer
A [A]pretty girl sat all alone 
and needed compa- [E7] -ny
When [B7] I got close, this gal arose, 
this is what she said to [E7] me

Now she said [A] whoa sailor, 
be [A7] careful what you [D] do
In your eye there's a gleam, 
and to me it seems, 
your [A] just like all the [F#] rest, 
with a [B7] wolfish eye, 
and a line that's sly, 
a [E7] salior's at his [A] best.

[A] Now look here babe, 
you've [E7] got me wrong , 
I'm [A] not that sort of [E7] guy
I [B7] just got back, 
from across the sea, 
where there are no gals [E7] arie.
Now [A] let me talk to you a while, 
I'm sure you'll see my [E7] way
When I [B7] went to spout, 
she turned about, 
this is what she had to [E7] say

Now she said [A] whoa sailor, 
I've [A7] heard that line be- [D] -fore
You'll look into my eyes, and tell me lies,  
and [A] tales of the seven [F#] seas,
But a [B7] sailor's full, of that kinda bull, 
so [E7] don't hand it to [A] me

[A] Oh pretty girl 
you've [E] let me down 
you've [A] broken my poor [E7] heart
And [B7] oh how it hurt, 
when you had to spurt, 
that last sad re- [E7] -mark
I [A] said I think, I have a drink, 
and I broke out six month's [E7] pay
With [B7] wide open eyes, 
she breathed a sigh, 
this time she had to [E7] say

Now she said [A] oh sailor boy, 
I [A7] think you've won my [D] heart
Well she was right neat, 
and she sure was sweet, 
but I [A] knew she was that [F#] sort.
But she's [B7] not all to blame, 
'cause it's a sailor's aim, 
to have a [E7] girl in every [A] port.


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