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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Daily Mass Readings & Homilies (Reflections)

Nothing can ever replace actually going for daily masses... but for most of us... it is really difficult due to the many reasons we may have at different points in our lives... so I hope these links will inspire us... to one day... start going for daily masses. For one thing... you will definitely not be getting any holy communion here... which is very important for Catholics to be in communion with God and will your fellow Catholics.

Readings from:

United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops
Note that this website is in America so due to time difference, you may have to click 'Next Day' at the bottom to get "today's" readings.

Homily or Reflections from:

Word Among Us
Daily free. 
Have to subscribe to see archives.

The Catholic Writer ~ Oxygen (Singapore Flavor)
Totally free. 
Quite good and seem like a responsible Catholic Website. 
Written by Catholic Singaporeans so you get the local Singaporean flavor.

Bible Reflection ~ The Daily Prayer
The Daily Prayer, a service 
and an apostolate of the 
priests, laity and friends of 
Mary the Queen Parish
Distributed free and for personal use only.


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