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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Don't Know How To Continue

It is only normal for most relationships to have some problems. We'll probably never know, who's right or wrong. But this is not important to us. What is important to us, is that he is obviously speaking with sincere honesty and truthfulness. Sometimes when we are uncertain about things in life, it is good to be honest with ourselves and admit it by saying, "I don't know how to continue". I think that this is a good place to start.

I Don't Know How To Continue ~ by Nicholas Tse (2011 Jun 27)

Sadly, today, 
I don't know how to continue.
If you ask me now 
'do you love that person; 
think about that person?' 
I would say... 
'I love her and think about her', 
but I don't know how to continue.

~ Nicholas Tse, Monday, 27 June 2011 1135 hrs, 

The incident that may have started it all
This story was printed from channelnewsasia.com

Title:Cecilia Cheung reconciles with Edison Chen?
By :
Date :23 May 2011 1214 hrs (SST)
URL :http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1130570/1/.html

TAIPEI: Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen admitted that he met actress Cecilia Cheung, one of the women he was photographed with in his 2008 sex photo scandal, at the airport earlier this month on May 8.

He also confirmed that he had taken photos with her during their meeting, reported Taiwan media.

"I didn't expect to meet her, the meeting felt very natural and the conversation was really not awkward. This was a very good experience!" said Chen of his chance encounter with Cheung, when he met reporters during a promotional event on Friday.

"Getting to meet a friend (Cheung) again is a joyous thing."

Although Chen refused to divulge the details of their conversation and asked reporters to "respect our private space", he casually revealed that they had taken photographs together during their meeting.

When asked if he would share the photographs with the press, Chen declined.

"The photos are not in my phone, but with her.

"After that day, I did not contact her. So next time [we] meet, if she still has the photographs, I'll ask her to send them to me," said Chen.

Rumours or fact?

Chen's statements have lent some credence to recent media reports which claimed that Cheung met Chen at the departure lounge, as she was preparing to leave Taiwan after attending Blackie Chen and Christine Fan's wedding.

Cheung, the wife of actor Nicholas Tse, was said to have made the first move and spoke to Chen, before asking a flight attendant to switch her seats, so she could be seated beside Chen on the plane.

Citing statements from the air crew present during the incident and from passengers seated near the pair, the media claimed that Cheung even took photographs with Chen and exchanged phone numbers.

However, Cheung has so far remained silent on the matter, and has not directly confirmed or denied if she had met Chen.

Her husband, who is currently shooting a movie in Malaysia, could not be reached for comment, though Tse's manager said that "it is inconvenient for the company to interfere in family affairs".

Netizens on the other hand, were much more vocal.

Some netizens criticised Cheung for reconciling with Chen - the man indirectly responsible for her nude photographs being leaked on the Internet - while others claimed that the whole incident was fabricated by Chen, in a bid to gain publicity for his showbiz comeback.

Hong Kong actress Gillian Chung, who, like Cheung, was caught up in Chen's sex photo scandal, did not believe the reports either.

"I won't interact with him (Chen) like that (how Cheung did). I'll believe it when I see it with my own eyes," Chung told reporters last week.

Father-in-law supports his Daughter-in-law
This story was printed from channelnewsasia.com

Title:Cecilia Cheung threatens reporters at airport
By :
Date :30 May 2011 1338 hrs (SST)
URL :http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1132048/1/.html

SHENZHEN: Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung threatened reporters and called security on them after she was approached by journalists at an airport in Shenzhen on Saturday, reported Hong Kong media.

The reporters had apparently wanted to find out more about her absence from a recent promotional event in China and her meeting with Hong Kong actor Edison Chen on a plane three weeks ago.

Chen is the man who indirectly caused compromising photos of Cheung to be leaked onto the Internet, during his 2008 sex photo scandal.

However, Cheung, who was returning to Hong Kong with her son Lucas and an assistant, became agitated and demanded that the reporters "delete the photographs (which they had taken of her) or risk losing your jobs".

She then called for airport security.

When security personnel finally arrived, she said "they (the reporters) are harassing me. I am not going to board the plane", and threatened to report the matter to the police, if the reporters still refused to delete their photos of her.

"You can't afford it, don't play with me," Cheung told reporters, before leaving the departure lounge with airport security personnel.

Patrick Tse defends daughter-in-law: "She is the pride of the Tse family"

That same day, Hong Kong veteran actor Patrick Tse pledged his support for daughter-in-law Cecilia Cheung on a Chinese television show, amidst media reports that her marriage to his son Nicholas Tse is on the rocks.

"Do not believe the paparazzi, they are the scum of society," said Tse angrily, dismissing rumours that Cheung and his son were heading for divorce.

"I have nothing to complain about my daughter-in-law, she (Cheung) said she would like to have 4 to 5 children.

"Where else can you find another actress who is willing to give birth immediately after getting married?" Tse added.

"She is a heroine of the Tse family, the pride of the Tse family."

Although his meeting with Cheung has sparked much controversy, Chen appeared nonchalant and was photographed enjoying a relaxed meal with a friend in Hong Kong on Sunday.


The 3rd Party?
This story was printed from channelnewsasia.com

Title:Edison Chen loses cool at airport
By :
Date :16 June 2011 1801 hrs (SST)
URL :http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1135501/1/.html

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Edison Chen is known for his wry smile and cool demeanour.

However, he was anything but cool when he found a swarm of reporters waiting for him at the airport in Hong Kong, reported Hong Kong media.

Chen was accosted by reporters at the airport, when he returned to Hong Kong on Sunday from a trip to Shanghai.

The gathered reporters questioned him about his involvement in the rumoured split between Hong Kong celebrity couple Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung, but he simply pointed to the earphones he was wearing and said, "Can't hear!".

Then things got ugly.

One of the reporters bumped into Chen.

Chen became visibly upset and began berating the reporter.

"Hey! Why are you like this!" said Chen angrily.

Although the reporter apologized to Chen, the 30-year-old star continued to rail at the reporter over the incident.

"If I punch you, can we forget about it by just saying 'sorry'?

"[If] I bump into you, you can write about it for five days."

"You bump into me, it's like nothing happened!" complained Chen before storming off and heading back to his hotel.

Chen has been under media scrutiny since he admitted that he had been friendly with old flame Cheung when they met at an airport in May.

His meeting with Cheung was reported on by many Hong Kong tabloids and is rumoured to be one of the contributing causes of the alleged split between Cheung and Tse.

Neither Cheung nor her husband has stepped up to clarify the matter, even as speculation over the state of their relationship continues to increase with each passing day.


Her Version
This story was printed from channelnewsasia.com

Title:Nicholas Tse vows to handle family affairs, Cecilia Cheung speaks
By :
Date :24 June 2011 1932 hrs (SST)
URL :http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainmentfeatures/view/1137010/1/.html

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse vowed to end the confusion over the state of his marriage to actress wife Cecilia Cheung, and deal with his family matters quickly, in a statement to the media on Friday.

"Recent months have seen various reports in the media and speculation regarding my family affairs and marriage situation.

"With protecting my family members as my goal, I kept silent, in hopes of reducing the impact on my family and my two sons," said Tse in a statement released to the media via his manager Mani Fok.

"After much consideration, today, I finally made a painful decision. From today onwards, I will start dealing with my family affairs.

"Hopefully, this will quickly put an end to all external speculation and let my family live a quiet life, as well as allow my two sons to grow up happy and healthy."

Tse thanked the media for their concern but explained that he would not be responding to queries about his marriage and family matters "for the time being".

"Allow me to properly, quickly deal with [my] family affairs and concentrate on my work," said the 31-year-old actor before concluding his letter.

"Finally, I'd like to deeply thank Cecilia [Cheung] for her contributions these [past] five years and sincerely wish her well."

This is the second time Tse had addressed the ceaseless rumours about his marriage to Cheung.

Rumours have been rife after the latter's controversial encounter with her old flame Edison Chen at an airport, and veteran Hong Kong deejay Eileen Cha claimed that all is not well in the Tse household, because Cheung had designs on Tse's wealth.

Cecilia Cheung has her say?

The timing of Tse's statement is intriguing.

It comes just a day after a Hong Kong tabloid published an article, accompanied by what it claimed to be a transcript of a damning phone interview with Cheung, who is in Germany for work.

According to the transcript, Cheung spoke out against Tse, alleging that Tse, and not his mother Deborah Li whom the media had previously suspected, had fed lies to Cha in a bid to discredit her.

Cheung said there were things in Cha's report that Li "could not have known" such as the private conversations she had with her husband.

"Because he (Tse) didn't want to split his fortune with me, he did things so I was made out to be a gold-digger. This is not true.

"I don't need to rely on him! It is not as if I have no money now," said Cheung.

She also alleged that Tse is a bad father.

"At home, he treats them as though they are transparent, and never bothered about them.

"He only wanted me to have sons to tie me down, he doesn't like children at all!" said Cheung.

Cheung further claimed that she had maintained her silence so far for the sake of their family, but could bear it no longer.

"I bore it all silently for the sake of this family. I really don't want my two sons to grow up in a broken home, a single-parent household," Cheung said.

"But he didn't appreciate it. Until last night, when I got onto the plane, he is still leaking information [to the press]."

"I really cannot take it anymore! [I] felt that I had to step out and clear the air!"

When asked if she would split from Tse, Cheung reportedly said that this is a decision she would only think about after the whole thing blows over.

"At this moment, I just want to reveal Nicholas Tse's true colours," Cheung said.

The plot thickens

Did Cheung's outburst hit the nail on the head and prompt Tse to speak up?

Perhaps Cheung was simply misquoted in the article, but Tse found it too offensive to ignore?

One of Cheung's close friends, Taiwan television host Blackie Chen, had expressed support for her on his micro blog on Friday. Does he know something about the matter that the public doesn't?

Although there are more questions than answers at this point, netizens have already become polarised, with some supporting Cheung's claim that she had been wronged, while others believe it was Cheung who set Tse up.


His Version
This story was printed from channelnewsasia.com

Title:Nicholas Tse admits marriage in trouble, but still loves Cecilia Cheung
By :
Date :27 June 2011 1135 hrs (SST)
URL :http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/entertainment/view/1137390/1/.html

BEIJING: Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse admitted on Sunday, during the premiere of his film "Treasure Inn" in Beijing, that there were some "definite problems" in his marriage to actress Cecilia Cheung,reported Hong Kong media.

"The recent storm (regarding Tse and Cheung's possible separation) is not good for either party. Hopefully, today, after speaking about it, things will quieten down.

"Indeed, today, there are some definite problems in my marriage," said Tse in his four-minute speech.

Throughout his speech, Tse never uttered a word about divorce, but instead consistently addressed Cecilia Cheung, 31, as "my wife".

"My wife grew up in a single-parent family. I too grew up in a single-parent family. But I never hated my parents.

"Instead, when our first child was born, we hoped to overcome fate and not let [our children] grow up in a broken home."

"Sadly, today, I don't know how to continue," said Tse.

"If you ask me now 'Nicholas Tse, do you love that person. Think about that person?' I would say 'I love her and think about her', but I don't know how to continue." 

The 31-year-old actor claimed that he and Cheung still loved each other, despite Cheung's fiery criticism of him in a recent interview with Hong Kong media.

Cheung, his wife of five years, had called Tse a bad father and a manipulative man.

"I heard that she chided me a few days earlier. [But] we spoke over the phone yesterday (Saturday), SMSed a few questions.

"She still told me that she loves me, and misses me. I believe [her]."

"And I am confident no matter what sort of relationship we have in the future, we will still work hard to find a healthy, stable space for our two sons (Lucas and Quintus) to grow up."

"We are both adults, so our relationship from now onwards, be it love or hate ... we will deal with it ourselves."

Tse did not wear his wedding band during the event.

He appeared calm throughout the greater part of his speech, though his eyes became moist at some points.

He also rested his shades on his forehead when he spoke, perhaps in response to Cheung's earlier comments that he wears shades to hide his eyes and prevent people from telling if he is lying.



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