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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Translate (Google Online Software)


Very useful website to tranlate between various languages. You can do one word, a sentence, a paragraph... I've not tried an essay yet. They even provide MP3 to help with the pronunciation.

What I find interesting is the Portuguese Language. I helps to confirm the very few words I already know in Kristang (Portuguese spoken by Singaporeans-Eurasians of Portuguese descent). Here are some examples...

English = Portuguese (Kristang Pronunciation)
already = já
ass = cu (ku)
eat = comer (kumi)
dog = cachorro (kachoru)
don't have = não têm (nunteng)
door = porta
have, has, got = ter, tem, tem (teng)
heart = coração (korasang)
home = casa (kasa)
I = eu (yo)
love = amor
marry = casar (kasar)
my, mine = minha, mina (minya)
shit = cagar (kagak)
talk = falar
you = você, vós, (bose)
want = querer (kere)
etc... {wow! this is fun... I'm going to continue this in another entry...}

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