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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Propagation Of Sin...

Trying To Understand Pain & Suffering
~ by PGA

A priest once explained to me that there's pain & suffering in the world because of the Propagation Of Sin. Our human understanding is not enough to comprehend fully this suffering. God gave us Jesus (His Son) to show us that suffering is necessary, even for the innocent. But like Jesus, we can ask God to take this cup from us; yet not our will, but God's be done. When we see someone suffering, it's NOT necessarily because of his own sin; it may be the sin of others that has been propergated into the world. I believe that God sees all that is happening and will not forget the sufferer's reward in Heaven. Everyone has their own suffering, it's just that sometimes it is not obvious to us. Not all cases of suffering are God's will, but rather due to circumstances of life. Some are very "clear"... for example... we believe that Jesus' Passion is God's Will because it's stated in the Bible, but if it was not in the Bible, then we can only assume that... or think that it's because of those around him who feel politically threatened by his popularity. Which ever the case, it is more important for us to think of it as a cleansing like what Jesus (and his mother) had to go through even though he's totally innocent. When we suffer, we may be going through our own cleansing, or may be, the cleansing of others.

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