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Monday, August 16, 2010

Monovision ~ by PGA

This entry is about my experience with and the benefits of Monovision. This will be a good read for those of you who are still young as Monovision needs getting use to, and needs time BUT the benefits will be good for you in the later part of you life when reading without glasses becomes the norm.

Myopia (for seeing far)
Result ~ L= 350 / R= 550 (current)
..........This was what I was using to cure my short-sightedness which showed up when I was about 14years old. For some reason, an optician surgested that I make both sides the same degree so we settled for L=350 & R=350. This served me well for many years and was to prepare me (I did not know it then) for Monvision many years later. When I hit 40, I decided to correct my eyes to L=350 & R=550 so that I could see far more clearly. This was short-lived coz my Presbyopia started so after.

Undercorrection (for reading)
L= -200 / R= -200
Result ~ L= 150 (=350-200) / R= 350 (=550-200)
..........This was a 2nd specs I made as my Reading-Glasses when my presbyopia problem started after I hit 40. I first tried Progressive-Lenses, but this gave me problems which I will explain soon.

L= -0 (for seeing far) / R= -200 (for reading)
Therefore: L= 350 / R= 350
..........Although the above Reading-Glasses work fine for my office computer work... I had other problems coz I also needed to see what's on TV which was further away. I was recommended Progressive Lenses which I tried but this gave me a stiff neck coz I had to tilt my head back to do computer work. With some trial-and-error, I managed to ease into Monovision... and I'm loving it. I've been using monovision for almost a year now and am very happy with it. My first try was to use my right-eye (my master-eye) to see far and my left-eye to see near... BUT this didn't work coz my eyes was not used to this arrangement. A swich did the trick, so now, my R-Eye is used for seeing near and my L-Eye is used for seeing far. This will also prepare me for the future when &/or if I go for a Cataract-Procedure and choose Monovision for my eyes. As I will NOT be using my Master-Eye to see far I will NOT be able to take up the sports like shooting a rifle. However, I will be free from spectacles most of the time unless I want to see the very, very fine print.

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