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Friday, August 20, 2010

Map App for the iPAD (iPHONE?)

This is an example of a thought process...

I just read about this Map Application 'City Maps 2Go'. If we like it, and want it, we've got to pay for it... but it only cost 'US$1.99'. Although it will not give us the benefits of knowing exactly where we are like the GPS (which is free)... the advantage of this Map App is that you can still use the map even if there are no internet connection. As I'm writing this, I realised that having a physical map is better in some ways with regards to batteries... but imagine, the map of the whole country in book form would be much, much heavier... oh well... we'll have to weigh the pros n cons when the time comes to decide. Anyway... this acticle was written for the iPAD but I think it could also be for the iPHONE. Yup... end of thought... back to work.

Here's an excerpt of the article...

City Maps 2Go
"The built-in Google Maps app is great when you have access to a 3G or WiFi connection, but that's not always the case when you're overseas. Apps like City Maps 2Go (US$1.99) provide offline street maps for a range of cities, so you can download them over WiFi before getting on the plane, then pull out these virtual maps whenever you need them - without worrying about connectivity or data charges."
~ http://www.channelnewsasia.com/eyeonbusiness/execliving/goplacesipad.htm
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