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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Joke ~ Banter with my Boss

{Here’s the banter with my Boss this morning while I was at the ATM to Top-Up the New NETS Cash-Card and Refund the Old NETS Cash-Card. He was just behind me in the line. Here's what transpired. Boss walks to ATM while reading messages on his iPHONE. I spoke first as I walked to the ATM and he was next-in-line.}

Me to Boss: Morning.

Boss to Me: Morning.

{I wasn't too sure how to do the task so I decided to abort and do it later.}

Me to Boss: You better go first coz mine will take a some time.

Boss to Me: Ok.

{Boss walks to the front of the line as I move behind him. We were the only ones in line. He spoke as he was keying in his PIN.}

Boss to Me: I thought you said to me that you took out all the money and there wasn't any left.

{I laughed.}

Me to Boss: No lah! Don't worry, I left some for you.

{Boss laughed.}

Boss to Me: Thanks... I won't need much.

{We laughed.}

{After Boss left, I stepped up to the ATM and put in my bank-card. These words appeared on the screen, "Sorry, In-Sufficient Funds." No lah, this didn't happen but I thought it gave this story a little more bite.}


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