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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HATON Prawn Chrackers ~ Hot & Spicy

I normally don't like Prawn Crackers, but I do like this Brand, and the Hot & Spicy one shown on the Extreme Left.

I think it is being sold in Cold Storage (Click Here) & BEN FOODS (S)S PTE LTD (Click Here). Have you been to BEN FOODS Supermarket? Looks interesting on the website.

According to another BLOG (Click Here), it was sold in NTUC but not anymore.

On The Packing:
Exclusively Packed for:
1, Fishery Port Road, Jurong,
Singapore 619729
Retail Price: S$0.95/PACK (info in 2010)
I wanted to comment and let him or her know that... 'It can be found at Cold Storage and at BEN FOODS'... but I did not have an 'On Sugar' BLOG account so I'm posting this on my BLOG.
Someone elses BLOG entry:
Goodbye Haton
Mon, 11/02/2009 - 7:25AM by kjpuppy 1 Comment - 15 Views

Dearest Friends,
The best prawn crackers would be Haton's wasabi flavoured prawn crackers. The fact that its wasabi flavor is neither too strong nor too light, where instances of "burning sensations" occurs when the prawn crackers are flavored too much with wasabi, or too tasteless if its seasoned too lightly. Haton's prawn crackers are inexpensive, tasty and very addictive. It is crunchy, and explodes into a flavorful burst of wasabi which taste lingers on for a moment. It is a normal routine for me to finish in a packet in 30 minutes or less; especially when i am studying. But who cares if i finish it so quickly because a packet only costs 90 cents in its full size? However, after searching 15 mins for Haton prawn crackers in NTUC, i decided to approach the lady and only to know that it has been "deleted" from NTUC to my dismay. So goodbye Haton, and i hope to see you in NTUC soon. Someday soon. If any of you find it anywhere in Singapore, please leave a comment and i will be catching the first bus to get it. thank you.


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