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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Get Rich Quick!

I know that there is a saying which goes "If you play with fire, you get burnt" which is NOT totally true.

Some people don't get burnt or maybe just burnt slightly and move on to become brave & useful Firemen or famous Fire-Eating Artists, BUT most of us will never become either of those, and some of us will be burnt quite badly so please take good care of yourself especially if you do decide to play with fire.

"Get Rich Quick! No Risk!"

"How YOU Can Make Millions by
Just Investing 10 Dollars A Day!"

Have you ever come across Ads like this in the Mail or Email, on TV, on Radio, on the Internet, on your car windscreen or anywhere else? What's your take on this?

I find this too good to be true... but they keep coming... and appearing in Ads. Sounds like they're breaking the law and those who know it are allowing it to happen.

I'm very skeptical so I don't go for this. I would really like it if someone can do an investigation into it's authenticity.

One of their previous participants testifying to how good this program is --- I've seen her in a TV program saying she's already made her millions more than 5 (maybe 10) years ago. What is she doing in an Ad like this? It's like a syndicate to lure unsuspecting people; like a KELONG to catch unsuspecting fishes.

I smell a FISH. Yeah, I smell a RAT too. The RAT I smell are the people doing the dirty work. The FISH are the ones getting caught.


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