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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

'Curt, 'Rudely Brief' &/or 'Abrupt'

Tuesday, 2010 Mar 09, 1122hrs

How often have we been 'Curt, 'Rudely Brief' &/or 'Abrupt' to our family members and friends? We tend to take them for granted because we’re familiar with them. There are advantages to this. Being familiar means we don’t have to explain ourselves too much. This helps us because there’s less time wasted on things like introductions, getting to know one another, explaining why we do the things we do, or whatever hang-ups or fears we may have and why we have those hang-ups & fears in the first place. But sometimes in these fast-paced relationships, we need to slow down. This often happens when we miss-understand each other and end up in a quarrel. These are trying times which usually cause the relationship to grow on most occasions. Relationships which are not strong will not survive this. Most strong relationships will survive and rise up above these trials and make our relationship with that person or persons stronger. This cycle will go on and on. If we want our relationships to last we have to endure this cycle over and over again. ~ PGA

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