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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Priceless ~ Why ‘Priceless’ IS Priceless

First of all, NOT to confuse anyone, here’s the true definition of ‘priceless’. The true meaning of ‘priceless’ is ‘Meaning A’ (see below) ‘something of huge value that you can’t put a price to it’.

When I was very young, someone (I can’t remember who) taught me that there were 2 meanings to the word ‘priceless’ but ‘Meaning A’ is widely accepted. Here’s what I was taught.

Meaning A ~ something of huge value that you can't put a price to it.

Meaning B ~ something of no value and therefore has no price.

Although I have used it as ‘Meaning A’ (something of huge value), I have believed in existence of this dual meaning for a very long time until recently when I’ve decided to look it up.

While looking, I came across a BLOG that explains very well why I was taught that way and also → Why ‘Priceless’ IS Priceless.

Here's an excerpt from ~ Christopher T. George’s BLOG
priceless” has two distinct meanings:
1) something is worth so much that you can put no price to it; and
2) the thing is so worthless that it has no price.
So two opposite meanings both with the same word,

two meanings for the same price. Priceless!

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