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Thursday, January 07, 2010

HACKS in Malay

Be careful when someone offers you a HACKS sweet. There may be more than meets the eye.

I bought HACKS sweet from the canteen today. A pack of 9 cost 50 cents. When I offered it to my colleagues, one of my Malay colleagues, told me that his girl friend use to give him this sweet because the abbreviation of the word ‘HACKS’ has a “hidden” meaning.

HACKS = Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Se-Orang

Hanya = Only
Aku = I, me
Cinta = Love (pronounced as Chinta)
Kau = You
Se-Orang = Alone (literal translation is One-Person)

HACKS = Hanya Aku Cinta Kau Se-Orang = Only I Love You Alone.

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