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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Guitar Chord Guide ~ by Danny Taddei 1986

Update: 2010 Jul26, 1009hrs

Read update by Danny Taddei himself in the comment below. And here's his website.


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Download (1 Page Format)
Download (2 Page Format with Bigger Print)
Remember to thank Danny Taddei
at http://www.dannytaddei.com

Click on image to enlarge. To print, use the links above to download either the '1 Page Format' or the '2 Page Format'. This image below was meant only for viewing at the computer screen.



Danny Taddei said...

WOW! I made this chord chart a really long time ago and never thought I'd see it again! For anyone worried about the copyright notice, I own the copyright and I'm giving permission to use it but NOT SELL IT. I'd really like it if someone would update the info written on the top. My website would look nice there :-)

I hope y'all enjoy it. Don't call that phone number 'cause it isn't mine anymore. If you want to hear my music or contact me, go to http://www.dannytaddei.com

Welcome said...

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the note. And thanks for the permission. I'm going to try changing the info as you have suggested but it will take some time. I'll probably start with the image file. Thanks once again