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Monday, November 02, 2009

Funny Fish Food Ad

I caught this ad on TV and found it very funny. This is a newspaper version of the ad.

The TV version, in the last scene, had the Small-Red-Fish quickly moving to hide behind the Big-Blue-Fish. The dialog went something like this...

{Noticed SOME people looking longingly at them 
and probably wants to eat them in a restaurant}.
I have a bad feeling about this. 
Quick! Look boney!

{Sucks in belly to appear as 
slim or boney as possible, 
but failing at it.}

{Starts to panic when MORE and more 
people starts look longingly at them}.
Forget boney! 
I've got a better idea! 
--- HIDE! 
{and quickly moves to hide 
behind the Big-Blue-Fish}.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.

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