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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Boy Who Loves His Mum


Joshua Ang's mother passes away
Thursday, 2009 July 23

Joshua Ang's mother passed away on Sunday morning (2009 Jul 19, Sun). The 21-year-old boy was in distress when he left the mortuary after collecting her body. Her body is now resting at Singapore Casket.

According to reports, Ang's 49-year-old mother suffered from heart disease and diabetic problems before she passed on.

On Saturday night around 11pm, Ang tried to awake his sleeping mom but to no avail. She was then rushed to Changi General Hospital and was pronounced dead at 12 midnight.

Ang carved a name for himself as a 12-year-old boy in movie I Not Stupid, and was casted as one of the male leads in recent drama Table of Glory.

In an interview held three years ago, Ang revealed that he once had a falling out with his mother and left home, but admitted his mistake to her very quickly.
Ang's godmother who fought with cancer for seven months, also recently passed away in January this year.

Police has listed this case as an "unnatural death".

Joshua Ang grieves over dead mother on his blog
Friday, 2009 July 31

For the first time since his mother's sudden death on July 20, 21-year-old actor Joshua Ang poured his feelings into his blog (http://www.nutzhen.com/to-my-mommy-dearest%e2%84%a2/) and grieved over his mother's passing. The actor expressed his heartfelt appreciation for being given such a good mother. He also shared how he had started to pine for her every night and would often question himself, "Why does it have to be now for me?"

He mentioned in his blog that his mother hated listening to rock music. So to make her happy, he played this song called "Storm". The actor shared that his mother loves listening to this piece as he would often play it when she sat in his car.

"Storm" was composed and sang by Jason Wade, the lead singer of US rock band Lifehouse, who wanted to express his relationship with God. Ang revealed that he found the courage to pen his feelings down in his blog after he heard the song again on his iPod. Listening to this particular song on loop brought back a lot of beautiful memories shared by the mother and her son.

According to past reports, Ang's godmother battled her cancer condition for seven months and finally passed away in January this year. Half a year later, his mother unexpectedly lapsed into coma on July 19 while resting at home. She was rushed to Changi General Hospital but could not be resuscitated and was announced dead at 12am.

In his blog, the actor thanked the heavens for bringing his mother into his life, and for bringing his mother to some place better. Ang portrayed a rarely-seen mature side to himself on his blog. He also mentioned that he would keep up with his mother's housekeeping ways, and believed that his mother would continue to guide him along.

Ang's god brother wrote an entry titled "Helpless" and expressed his emotions on his blog as he said, "A lot of things are not within our control and it makes us helpless. However, it is only through such times that we know who are the ones we truly need, and who are the ones rallying around on."

Actress Koh Ya Hwee also wrote a blog entry titled "Appreciation", reminding everyone to appreciate their parents.

Joshua Ang's Blog

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