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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Robert William Kearns ~ Flash of Genius

Movie: Flash of Genius
Inventor: Robert William Kearns

This year, 2009 --- I saw this movie, 'Flash of Genius' while on a plane from Singapore to Hong Kong. The movie was a little slow moving for me but I was inspired with the will of this inventor, 'Robert William Kearns' as he stuck to his principles while tackling copy-right issues.

Info of movie 'Flash of Genius'

Info of inventor 'Robert William Kearns':

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Dennis Kearns said...

My Dad, Robert Kearns, worked on the film for about 5 years before his death. Greg never got a opportunity to meet him, but did a magnificent job of becoming him.

Perhaps more would have seen this movie in the US had it not come out just as the Automotive Industry started whining about about their inability to manage their businesses without Billions of OUR dollars?

I'm proud to have been a consultant on the movie and to have participated in the reality.

Bob Kearns won 5 jury trials against some of the biggest corporations in the world. It was what he had learned in school,
it was what he as an engineering professor taught.
Patents were granted to protect the inventors rights.

Perhaps his idealism was from his Jesuit training at the University of Detroit.

His U.S. Marine Corps training taught him when a bully picks a fight you don't back down. No matter the odds.

As for the other players:

The law firm HDP.com that started the suits on our behalf was allowed to represented Chrysler against us?

The Federal Judge Avern Cohn who had presided over the case and his former silk-stocking law partners along with Henry Ford II's friend Max Fisher, were estimated to have made a 2000% profit on the sale of property for Chrysler's World Headquarters (Detroit: Race and Uneven Development 1990)

Dennis Kearns