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Monday, June 22, 2009

Prayer For Priests

Sunday, 21 Jun 2009 --- I heard the priest mentioned this quote during sermon today, and I found this same quote on the internet.

Holy Priests make holy people,
but a priest who is not holy
is not only useless to himself,
but a scandal to the whole world
~ Pope Pius X

Here's another variation of the same quote.

Holy priest makes a holy people,
and a priest who is not holy
is not only useless,
he is harmful to the world
~ Pope Pius X

I also received this 'Prayer For Priests' card today.

Printing instructions:
Click on picture for easy reading,
BUT to print, please use this PDF link.

Prayer For Priests
(Year for Priests ~ 19 Jun 2009 – 19 Jun 2010)

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd of our souls, we thank You for instituting the Priesthood. Bless all our priests as they minister to us. We are grateful for the many gifts You have given them.

Our priests draw us together in worship, visit us in our homes, comfort us in sickness and show us compassion. Our priests bless our marriage, baptize our children, confirm us in our calling, and support us in bereavement.

They also help us to grow in faith, encourage us to take the initiative, and most of all, they bring Your Presence among us.

We ask You to bless our priests and to guide them in their calling. May they imitate You in their service and always respond with generosity and joyful heart. Amen.

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