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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pen ~ Pilot ~ Better Retractable BP-145-F


Brand: Pilot
Model: Better Retractable BP-145-F

My favorite pen, the Pilot (Better Retractable BP-145-F). Why I like it? Well it's cheap & the ink flow is just right. It does NOT over-flow which is the reason for most "ink-clots" when you write & the ink will ALWAYS flow the moment it touches the paper --- everytime --- even down to the very last drop of ink.
~ PGA 2009 Jun 02, Tuesday, 0900hrs.

BP-145-F : Better Retractable ~ Pen (Blue, Red & Black)
The retractable model with all the benefits of the popular BP-S. Features comfortable ribbed finger grip and metal pocket grip.
Recommended Price: $1.10
(for current prices please check link above)

RFJS-GP : Better Retractable ~ Refill (Blue, Red & Black)

Recommended Price: $0.55
(for current prices please check link above)

Care Tips

• Removing Stubborn Ink Stains
~ As soon as the ink stain is discovered, use a tissue paper to blot off as much ink from the stained area as possible.
►2 ~ Next, place the stained area under running water to rinse off as much ink as possible. Try to contain the stained area when going through this process.
►3 ~ Finally, apply any stain removers available from the supermarkets to remove the remaining stain.

• Ink Leakage Onboard An Airplane
As with all liquid ink pens, when onboard a plane, be sure to remove the pen cap with the writing tip pointing upwards. This will avoid any leakage that could occur due to cabin pressure.


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