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Friday, May 29, 2009

Guitaresque ~ Classical Guitar Quartet (Singapore)


Guitaresque is a Singapore-based non-professional classical guitar quartet. All our members are full-time working professionals but have come together because of our shared passion for guitar music.We are alumni members of the NUS Guitar Ensemble (GENUS), the premier Niibori-styled guitar orchestra in Singapore, founded by Mr Alex Abisheganaden.Guitaresque won the first prize and second prize (ensemble) in the 2004 and 2001 Singapore Guitar Festival Competition respectively.

A word from the quartet:

Four musicians trading ideas while carrying a tune, each providing his own senses and ideas. Together, the quartet paints a beautiful image of the Baroque landscape…
If you think that sounds like a description of a typical string quartet, you are possibly right.

Well… not really.

Not many classical music lovers here in Singapore are familiar with the sight of a classical guitar (CG) quartet — 4 classical guitars playing in an ensemble, ala the string quartet. Guitaresque is such a quartet — and we are 100% made-in-Singapore.

Guitaresque members are Shu Hann, Ivan, Alex and Kevin. We are a group of CG lovers, who have been playing together for the past 8 years though none of us are actually full-time musicians by profession. Instead, we have found time amidst our busy working schedules to meet on a weekly basis, not so much to practice and rehearse a repertoire, but more to be with friends who share a similar passion in guitar music.

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