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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Music Acappella Arranging Website


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Date: 27/03/2009
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Name: Dan
Email: dnewman1987@gmail.com
Subject: SmarterMusic for A Cappella Arranging Message:

Fellow a cappella-ite,When I was first learning to arrange collegiate a cappella music,there was a distressing lack of resources available: my group had few arrangers, and I was told to just go do it, no help whatsoever.What's more, there was very little sharing of information between groups.

In the name of goodwill and learning, I'm trying to develop an online Guide to A Cappella Arranging, including free arrangements: http://www.smartermusic.us/a-cappella-arranging/

If you're an established group with a proud tradition of excellent arranging, I'd very much enjoy having a conversation or two with your best arrangers and share some effective techniques! If you're a new group or have people interested in learning to arrange, I urge you to send them over to the website.

The site is still being built, with plenty more posts/pages on theway. With some luck (and if there's enough interest), I hope we canimprove the quality of collegiate a cappella arranging nationwide --which would certainly be excellent for everybody! Please drop me an email or give me a call if you're interested or just have a crazy idea bouncing around.

Dan Newman
Music Director, Brandeis Rather Be Giraffes, 2005-2009

Forgive me if you're not interested; I found your email address through collegiate-acappella.com and was hoping for the best!
Dan Newman

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