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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Towgay Pillow for Babies

I just got this via email. 

If you have problems getting your baby to sleep, 
this traditional 'comforter' may be the answer.

Read on...


Did you ever have a towgay pillow when you were young? Perhaps you still have one even today!

Just to be clear, these pillows are not stuffed with actual bean sprouts, but the brown husks that have been carefully dried in the sun. yg explains their soothing qualities for young children:

"babies are prone to be startled. i notice this again when i look after my grandson. asians, especially the chinese, believe in the effectiveness of the bean sprout husk pillow in soothing the baby. the elongated, narrow pillow is usually placed either over the chest or the tummy of the baby. it is believed that this provides some form of comfort and security to the baby.

most chinese believe that if you place this pillow across the chest or tummy of the baby, it helps to calm the baby and he or she will not experience those fitful frights that infants seem to have during the first few months of their life."

These traditional pillows used to be handmade for children, but now they seem to be available at stores, and you can even order them online. Read more about these bean sprout husk pillows in yg's post here.



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