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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fish ~ Pie Chia / Pek Tor

I remember this fish. Read this guys blog. Very interesting.

My mum sometimes cook this for me during Chinese New Year because I love Fish Roe... which reminds me... she said she would do it this year...
...but she hasn't done it yet... mom! MOM! MOM! MOM!...

"...in my growing up years i do not remember we having yusheng for our chinese new year celebrations but we did have another fish dish - the pek tor fish or pie chia fish. the pek tor is especially popular with the teochew during the chinese new year season. however, since all chinese share the view that whole steamed fish is the symbol of long life and good fortune, it is not surprising that other dialect groups also take to the fish. the pek tor (white belly) fish is available all the year round but during the chinese new year season, it is special. that is when the fish start to spawn. the females are laden with roe... read on"

Original Article
the pie chia/pek tor fish
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