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Monday, February 28, 2011

P.Osh Chewy Brownie

Go ahead... have your cake and eat it...

I just had this 'P.Osh Chewy Brownie' at my work place canteen. 
It passed my taste test.
The brownie tasted good and chewy even though its not being heated up.

Cost $2.50. Packed in a Zip-Locked Bag the size of my palm.
The Zip-Locked Bag was white in color... 
and made to resemble a doctor's prescription plastic envelope...
that you normally receive after visiting the doctor.
Very clever. Very creative. Very, very entertaining... pictures below...

I find it expensive. Would I buy it again?
Yes, at the next craving.

Here are some pictures of the packing and the brownie itself.
Click on image to enlarge.

Below here contains more information about this product...
Their story... in their own words...

P.Osh Brownie

Brownie movement. Cookie revolution.

This IS the revolution of the cookie and brownie industry.

We started out as two thumb twiddling teenagers with nothing much to do. But there was one thing we loved. Eating. Especially brownies and cookies. So we spent much time and money surfing Singapore, tasting brownies from different restaurants and outlets.

Fact, most of the brownies tasted mysteriously and oddly similar. But, of course! They studied at same classes and probably used the same textbook recipes too. It became boring, other than the occasional refreshing anomaly of a brownie with a burnt base, or micro waved till a dry brown fried mass was left, or smelling like a flower from vanilla over-dosage. Necessity is the mother of invention, and we cannot emphasise enough how necessary it was to taste something better.

Scouring and testing all sorts of documented brownie and cookie recipes, we found that none of them really worked. The only way left was to explore the best recipes we could find. Through all the experimentation, we got acquainted with how cookies and brownies behaved according to their compositions. It was just a matter of time.

We now have a modest range of cookies and brownies, each of them tweaked to a unique consistent perfection. It's not just a food, it's an experience. We had the hope of enjoying exquisite brownies and cookies. Now, we share this fantasy with you. It's not just an experience, it's a dream.

Come, join the revolution.

CONTACT & Opening Hours:

Call: 9 007 0014


Dhoby Ghaut
11 Orchard Road
Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

1011 Upper Serangoon Road
The Old House

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays
Noon to Nine

Update ~ 2011 Apr 08, 0801hrs

Review for “P.Osh (Dhoby Ghaut MRT) ~ by Brad Lau of ladyironchef (http://www.ladyironchef.com/)
Note ~ Gender ~ ladyironchef is a male yebber.

P.Osh is the brainchild between the two owners, Paul and Josh who both have a passion for brownies and cookies. Well they find most of the brownies to be fairly similar, and boring. Then through experimental, they came up with their own version of how a good brownie should be like, and hence the born of P.Osh.

P.Osh is located at the shopping belt of Dhoby Ghaut Mrt, where it is ideal in serving the shopping and the working crowd. It is the name P.Osh which stands out though. Remembering i seen the name before, i follow the trait to the little outlet and this leads to the brownie discovery!

The owners explained that there are currently about 11 types of brownies available, and you can get 5 in a box for $13, and 10 mini ones for $20. Like i said, comparison is inevitable in this line, and having tried brownies from the Brownie Factory recently, it’s no surprise really that i’ll compare both to give a big picture.

The folks at P.Osh says that each brownie tastes different, smells different, looks different, and feels different. Excitingly unique, and full of character. Some bake brownies, we give brownies life. Find a brownie that is so you, then fall in love with it. Some say, ‘you are what you eat’. We say, ‘you eat what you are’

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