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Monday, February 21, 2011

BLOG Post ~ Primary 4 Maths Question

A friend of mine posted this maths question to me today.
This is the type of question 9 year olds are doing in schools.
They have to solve this without using Algebra (they've not learnt this yet).

Minah is 18 yrs older than Aishah. 
In 6 yrs time, Miniah's age will be twice as much as Aishah.
What is Aishah's age now?

Some of my friends couldn't get past reading the question over and over again.
Being out of school for so long, I took a long time to get the answer...
... I'd probably fail if there was a time limit.

I'll post the answer soon... Give Up?
Click here for the NON-Algebra Method


Mahurien101 said...

Im guessing Nine?

Welcome said...

{Mahurien101} Sorry, that's not the answer.