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Friday, April 08, 2016

Vocal Tip ~ Laryngitis ~ by fONS

Vocal Tip ~ Laryngitis ~ by fONS

I remember having Laryngitis!

On the UP-side... I was given a natural added octave that went my normal G2 all the way down to G1 and lower... and that I can tell you was... AWESOME!

Being able to sing lower than anybody on this earth gave me a AWESOME feeling!

I was singing Baritone in this group which already had a Bass Singer, and I could sing an octave lower than anything he could sing, so I ditched the Baritone parts and added an Amazing Bass to all our arrangements.

During sound check, when I said, "Hello" over the microphone... the Sound Engineer was blown away when she asked, "Wow! Is that your voice? Are you going to sing like that!".

On the DOWN-side... my actual lowest note was now the highest note that I could sing and I could not sing long phrases because my voice would suddenly disappear... and it was painful to sing long phrases without any rest in between.

Vocal Coach, Shelby Rollins has 2 beautiful tips for singing in her Laryngitis Blog Article.
(scroll down for link)

Tip 1

When having Laryngitis or any other vocal ailments,

“On a technical note,
whispering all day can
totally thrash your voice.
So don't.”

Tip 2

Has actually nothing to do with Laryngitis,
accept that it was something she pondered on...
while having Laryngitis.

"Are you singing,
what the song is asking you to sing...
or are you singing,
what you want to showcase?"

Read on...
Vocal Tip ~ Got Laryngitis? ~ by Shelby Rollins

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