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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vuvuzela ~ Can we get a tune out of it?

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2015 Jan 21, 1057hrs

This guy got a little more tune out of it... Good Job!

Vuvuzela music: Star Wars theme

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Classical music star Alison Balsom 
gets a tune out of dreaded Vuvuzela
UPDATED: 22:14 GMT, 19 June 2010

For many fans, the deafening and utterly toneless sound of the vuvuzela has marred this year’s World Cup even more than England’s dreadful efforts.

But could it be possible to get a decent noise out of the 3ft plastic horn? The Mail on Sunday asked Alison Balsom, one of the world’s best trumpeters, to give it a go.

The 31-year-old star, who won the Classical Brit award for Best Female Artist last year, said: ‘I thought it was going to be a really loud, ugly sound. I wondered if it was going to be complicated but you just purse your lips in the same way as you do with the trumpet. It is possible to get different notes.’

Alison, who lives in London and has a three-month-old son, Charlie, with conductor Edward Gardner, added: ‘If you blow gently it’s quite soft and you can control the volume. It’s not like a car horn. You can get a good rhythm. I’ll definitely be keeping mine.’

Click HERE to see our video of Alison playing:

Picture Caption:
Blowing her horn: Classical Trumpeter Alison Balsom 
manages to get a tune out of a Vuvuzela.


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