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Monday, December 01, 2014

Poem ~ Singlish Rap ~ Dinner Tim Sum

1st... the story. I'm going to relate this in Singlish so do NOT check my English. 

Friends told us this kopitiam got good Wonton Noodles that opens at 7am. We went there for Breakfast on Monday morning but Wonton Noodles close. Since other stalls were open, we ordered other food. 

Wife went to order Kopi (coffee). Sign above this stall showed Kopi. But the grumpy lady there said, "kopi. the other side." When wife pointed to her that the sign say Kopi, she curtly said, "this Chicken Rice Stall... lah!". 

This same lady was also serving the Kopi. Wife ordered Kopi and Soft-boiled egg. Soft-boiled egg comes with Hot-water. After waiting a few minutes, wife proceeds to break egg which came out too soft and runny. Lady comes back, sees the egg and says grumpily, "Aiyah, wait 7 minutes laaahhhhh... Aiyooooohhhh!". Wife said, "I am not coming back here, ever again." 

There was a Tim Sum Stall there preparing to open so we could not have it for breakfast. It looked good. When wife emailed me and asked "where are we going for dinner?" This is what I wrote.

Dinner Tim Sum
~ Poem
~ Singlish Rap 

Tim Sum... 
at the same 
just don't order drinks 
from the lady who thinks
that everyone is stupid
so late say 7 minute
she not nice
say "chicken rice"
when sign... 
shows kopi...
her face... 
so knot-ty
But we don't care...
we still come, 
we come go
for Tim Sum.


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