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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

POSB ~ Retirement Plan 2014

I've just spent some time doing this Blog for various reasons.

I like mathematics:
~ if a day of savings cost $10 a day, then
~ a year would cost $3,650 ( = 365 x 10).
~ and to add $10 every 4 years during the Leap Year

I like savings:
I have always liked the idea of savings and retirement have always been something I have been planning, which began way, way back even while I was as a child.

I like GIF Animations:
I just happen to like animation so I'm dabbling with creation of GIF files. 
There are 2 Websites that I use to help me do these. They are...
Scroll down to see my GIF making adventure.

3rd and Final attempt using 'Screencast-O-Matic'

This is a bigger image. Done so that the 'Screencast-O-Matic' stamp will appear smaller when i shrink the whole image. Click on image to enlarge.

2nd attempt using 'Screencast-O-Matic'

Found that I could actually start the animation with a button at the bottom left corner of the image. I realize that the 'Screencast-O-Matic' stamp was too big.

1st attempt using 'Screencast-O-Matic'

Had to start the Flash animation using the right mouse click. You can see the mouse at the almost top right hand corner of this GIF animation.

 Created using 'MAKE-A-GIF'

STILLs to help create the above at 'MAKE-A-GIF'


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