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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joke ~ Friend with letter 'S' speech defect.

I have a friend who knows he has a speech defect... 
and he's learnt to live with it. 
In fact, he makes jokes about it.

One of the problems he has is in pronouncing the 'S' letter. 
Either he drops the 'S' as in NEEK for SNEAK... or... 
he replaces it with a 'T' sound as in TAME for SAME.

Here's a joke only he can tell. He asked me...

"How do you catch a UNIQUE rabbit?"

I shook my head and he followed up quickly with...

"You NEEK up on it."

Then he asked...

"How do you catch a TAME rabbit?"

When I shrugged my shoulders, he answered immediately...
"TAME way"


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