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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Here's my Bedtime Story... Continued

I made an Earlier Entry about having my sleep interrupted while biting on my painful troubled molar tooth. I've managed to find a creative way of solving this problem until I see the dentist again... thank God.
Here's what I did... I took an old T-Shirt and rolled it big enough to put into my mouth to bite on the unaffected teeth. I got this idea from all the movies I watched where victims were being gagged with cloth in their mouths.
And here's my... 
Prayer of Thanksgiving:
Dear heavenly Father. Thank-you for the creative idea of biting onto a bundled cloth with my unaffected teeth so that I can sleep uninterrupted without biting on my troubled molar which kept me awake the night before. This should see me through for a few days before I see the dentist again for further assessment. Amen.

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