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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tattoos -- Why Permanent? Think 'Variety' ~ PGA

I'm all for art but it's done on your skin... I think... why permanent? Why would you want to have the same design on your skin for the rest of your life? It's like saying you're going to wear the same style of clothing everyday just like a uniform... which isn't so bad because we all know that we can stop wearing a uniform anytime we want to..BUT a permanent tattoo... IS... a... PERMANENT tattoo. It's going to be fixed in your skin and cannot be removed. A temporary tattoo means you can change your tattoo to complement the clothes you've decided to wear... isn't that good? I did a research on the internet and found this link with some info on Temporary Tattoos. Go ahead... get a nice one... and remember... sometimes when you feel like going without a tattoo, you know that's OK too.

Temporary Tattoos ~ by Alive Tattoo

Temporary tattoo paint in Super Black 

for tattoos that are long lasting, durable, waterproof and easy to apply!

Unlike Henna and Mehndi paints, our black paint is a Super Black, which can last on the skin for up to 14 days. There have been some reports of skin life up to 6 weeks.   

Our high quality product is long lasting, durable and waterproof. Our paint creates a design that looks REALISTIC. It's the longest lasting product on the market. Guaranteed! 

Our Temporary Tattoo paint was created mainly because, prior to this formula discovery, the only 'temporary' body art products on the market were henna and Mehndi. Both of these products worked quite well, but required laborious preparation of the skin and some careful maintenance afterwards. Besides, the henna and Mehndi products, in a majority of instances, lasted only a few days.

Our product is a man made preparation which, when added to a specially formulated binding solution, presents a fun way to have a real looking tattoo that is non permanent. No needles and, no pain.

* Needs 2 hours drying time and min. cost S$10.

Airbrush Tattoo  

We also offer airbrush temporary tattoos which are fast drying, waterproof and easy to remove.

Airbrush tattoos can last from 2 to 7 days. The permanence of the tattoo will depend on 3 things

1. Position of the Temporary Tattoo.

The human body continually perspires and sheds skin and it's because of this, the tattoos life span will be limited. If you perspire more, the tattoos life will shorten. There are also certain parts of your body airbrush tattoos will not last long on. Typically your torso, because the body creates the most warmth in that area and also common sweaty spots on the body, soles of feet, palms, neck, back of knees, inside of elbows and under your arms.

2. Different Peoples Skin Type.

With people who have oily skin, body art will typically not have the same lifespan as people who have dryer skin. Body oil comes up through the skin and under the tattoo paint, which ruins the airbrush ink tattoo adhesive properties.

3. Personal Hygiene & After Care.

Do not scrub your tattoo; it will not help its lifespan! Good after care will make your Temporary Tattoo last longer than expected. Keep it dry and rub talcum or baby powder onto it, this can help it last longer.

So what are the benefits of Airbrush Tattoos?

Airbrush Tattoos are the MOST realistic form of temporary tattoo available. It's clean, non permanent body art, quick, painless and effective. Easy to do and they're great for kids parties, school fete's, shows and markets.


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