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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sometimes it's better not to comment...

See the response this person (Dis2012) when he/she made a comment on the Current News.


Elaine Low donate 1 million ONLY when her daddy Low Tuck Kwong got 3.6 Billion.
1 Million of 3.6 Billion = 1/3600 = 0.027777%
So if u got 10k in bank, u donate $3 means u donate more than them liao.

That's only in percentage. However, 3 dollars are never higher than 1 million.
Besides, the main thing is that the money is put to good use, not the amount.

at least people donate unlike you who are here talking trash

it comes from the heart

donate money for good cause also kena kao pei? then u wat?


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