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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prayer for the Japanese People ~ by Kameko Horie ~ 2011 March

Prayer for the Japanese People ~ by Kameko Horie ~ 2011 March
(this is a paraphrased version of her prayer)

Dear heavenly Father...

We pray for miracles and for all victims of the disaster.
We lift up urgent prayers with regard to the critical situation at the nuclear power plant.
We  heard about the problems of the nuclear power station in Fukushima. 
The nuclear reactors are overheated, and efforts to cool them down have not worked. 
It is very dangerous for the workers because of the radioactivity.
The situation seems impossible, and so we pray — really asking the Lord for his miracles.

Let's join Kameko and all our Japanese brothers and sisters in storming heaven with our prayers:
• that engineers find a way to cool down the reactors and avert a nuclear catastrophe
• that the workers be protected from the effects of radiation
• that no one, in Japan or elsewhere, suffer harm from radioactive fallout
• that all those who are suffering and have lost so much in the earthquake and tsunami find the relief, comfort, and help they need.

We ask our merciful God to help the Japanese people.
We pray that the river of life will flow out, giving God's life to everyone in Japan.

We make this prayer through Jesus Christ and his loving mother. Amen


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