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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Get Rich Quick ~ Be Careful ~ 2011 Mar 10, 0941hrs

Once again... I read in the news just last tuesday March 8, 2011 and saw 3 "Get Rich Quick" Ads.

Here's my advice...

Get Rich Quick ~ Be careful... 
especially if you're bad in Maths... 
which is needed to calculate your risk...
and if you rarely read the News because you... 
won't know what is happening in the world, 
for that is where your risk lies (accidental pun).
~ 2011 Mar 10, 0941hrs

On one of them, they even had a disclaimer which was so small, 
I had to increase it by 500% for this picture here below.

Here's what the disclaimer said:
Disclaimer: All forms of trading and investment carry risk. 
Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.

Click on picture to enlarge...

Here are the 3 Ads...


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