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Friday, March 25, 2011

Art ~ Pipe Cleaner Crafts

I use to have lots of fun doing these. 
I'd go to the shop and buy these things to create stuff to help me day-dream more. 
I never knew what they were called. 
After all these years, I now know that they're called 'Pipe Cleaners'.

Here's what you can do with them. Have fun!



Unknown said...

Love your pipe cleaner craft ideas! Especially the flower pot and the spider. Some of these look waay more complicated than I imagined pipe cleaners could create.

Ryan M. said...

Amazing stuff!...would love to learn how you made the more complicated ones...I would appreciate it very much...how did you make the figures look so solid?

Welcome said...

Hi, thanks for your comments. However, I did NOT make these. I got them from the internet. When I was younger... I did make something like these, but they're weren't as good as these. Try searching the internet... and once again, thanks for your comments.